P.S. Eliot is back with a vengeance on their new LP "Sadie". Am I right? Totally! That's all I can come up with! Download this now and I'll fix it over the weekend. I don't need to prove to you that this band is awesome, you already know. Descriptions are for people who have no idea and probably hate everything I love.

P.S. Smelly Butt is playing a record release at Cedar Mansion in Brooklyn tonight. It's going to be nuts. Hot off the press LPs, Marco Reosti and Ken Freeman will be in attendance. Very Okay, Dead Mechanical and IYMI's own Vacation are playing. Too many good bands!

Artwork was done by the talented Kate Wadkins. You can check out more of her work at katewadkins.com. Salinas Records pressed the vinyl, tap the PURCHASE button to the right to pick up this hot slab of wax.

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