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Spraynard - Funtitled LP

This record is so good. I used this Music Monday as an excuse to bug these dudes to give me an advance copy of it. Spraynard is what a DIY punk band should be. Just straight up, no ego, no bullshit, passionate punk rock music played by a bunch of goofballs. Perfect! The 'nards expand their style well on this LP, adding some slow-paced jams and more songs with Dos taking a larger part of vocal duty. Pat Graham keeps things catchy with some frisky guitar leads while Mark's bass holds the whole thing together. The songs are mostly about dealing with change while holding on to youth and remembering that "Life is something to laugh about." I love this record. I love this band. I love these dudes. This record reminds me why I'm punk.

You can download this tomorrow right here on If You Make It or wait a month and buy the LP from Asian Man Records. Go see them live on their 6 week US tour.

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Rowsdower - Demo

Rowsdower sort of came out of nowhere and just started blowing the minds of Philadelphia. They do this thing where they are a pop-punk band at heart but you can hear other influences throughout the demo, without straying away from their catchy core. Think Cleveland Bound Death Sentence. If you can get a copy of the physical demo tape you should! Perfect demo aesthetic. This sounds the way a demo should sound. The recording isnt' the best, but it leaves you wanting more, way more. It comes with a nice tri-fold photo copied cover, with wonderfully chicken scrawled lyrics. The lyrics mostly deal with close relationships and calling people on their shit, but they are goofy enough that you know these dudes can take, and make a joke. These songs are righteous and I know I'm right.

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Decade of Dumb Decisions Fest

Look, anyone who knows me knows I hate Chris Reject. But for the past 10 years he has been putting out almost every single record I've been a part of and in the process has incurred thousands of dollars of credit card debt. To celebrate this feat of stupidity he is doing Decade of Dumb Decisions Fest to coincide Square of Opposition Record's tenth year. Here is what I know so far: It's July 30th, 2011 at the St. Bernards. in Bethlehem, PA. The bands playing so far include Snowing, Spraynard, Hypatia, Get to The Chopper, and most likely a one-off Yo Man Go Show, + a bunch of other bands from the last de cade that haven't yet been confirmed. Reject will update info as he gets it on the SoO Facebook.

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Carly Comando & Ryan O'Donnell - 2011 Folgers Content Submission

One day Ryan told me he was going to New York to write songs with Carly Comando. He wouldn't tell me why. This is why. Somehow this didn't win the Folger's jingle contest.

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