I know I'm really behind on this, Sara has already surpassed her goal of $3,000 with tons of time to spare. If you have a few dollars laying around, support this awesome project. Any money over the original amount helps support future costs. You also get access to custom t-shirts and credits in the movie. From Sara:
WE'VE REACHED OUR GOAL! But we can still exceed it. Your donations will continue to fund our project and help us to cover future costs. Exceeding our goal allows us to fund the next 6 months of shooting as well as post production costs. Thanks to all those who have donated. This project couldn't happen without you.
As the music industry shifts towards download and donation based formats for record release, my film surveys the current state of bands that have always used these methods. I take as my examples the Bomb the Music Industry! music collective, their label Quote Unquote records, and the DIY scene that has expanded outward from their base in Brooklyn. My hope is to expand the short cut of the film--which NYU's Gallatin Arts festival accepted for screening earlier this year--into a feature length documentary. The feature will further elaborate upon the philosophies of Bomb the Music Industry! and Quote Unquote records founder Jeff Rosenstock and more specifically the way in which these ideas and practices pervade and are representative of the current state of DIY music in the United States. Up until now, I've been paying for the film out of my own pocket. I have twenty hours of interviews and performances featuring members of BTMI, Laura Stevenson and the Cans, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Kudrow, and Lemuria. The next step is to capture the tour experience. Jeff and Bomb the Music Industry! have been nice enough to invite me into their lives and into their van for the upcoming tour. In order to take advantage of this opportunity to supplement and complete the extant footage, I am seeking sponsorship to cover my travel expenses and two weeks worth of equipment rental (HDV camera and sound equipment). This will give me the opportunity to study what I suspect is BTMI's! major influence on musicians and fans as far from Brooklyn as the west coast. BTMI rarely tours the west coast, and this upcoming leg encourages a daily BBQ with the fans at each show: it is this long-distance community that I need to survey before I complete the film Bomb the Music Industry!: http://www.bombthemusicindustry.com/ -OR- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bomb_the_music_industry Quote Unquote Records: http://quoteunquoterecords.com/ -OR- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quote_Unquote_Records

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